Monday, May 14, 2012

My Dress

Styles I Like

Leia-Esque Wedding Gown
Of course I would have it be made with ivory, silver, cream or white fabric. Hoping that the dress covers my feet, I'd wear sandals or a pair of solid colored flats.

V-neck Ruffle Sweep Empire

Vintage 60's-70's dress I found on ETSY.
The colors aren't exactly what I'd want, but the style is great!

Another etsy vintage 70's dress. I especially like the haltered neck and how it scoops around the chest area. the caplet just makes it more adorable. Color is completely wrong. I'd probably get it in light grey or ivory.

Another vintage 70s dress off etsy. I love the pattern of the dress. I wouldn't have all the ugly lacey shit or beads. and the fabric would be a little lighter weight.

Wrong color, but absolutely perfect style. Found this on etsy as well.

Flippin LOVE this dress. Its also on etsy. For pretty cheap i might add. Would I look Leia enough in this color?

another vintage 70s dress. I love the style.

A possibility! found it on etsy.


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