Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mum's Maid of Honor Costume Ideas

*Hair Options*

~Lake Shell~

 ~Family Visit~
~The Wedding Veil~

~Landing Pad~
~Tatooine Hair~

*Dress Options*

~The Naboo Picnic~
 Can probably find something similar on a ren-fair costumer site.

~The Wedding Gown~ 
probably the easiest to find in the vintage section, but very reminiscent of the queen mother...

~The Aqua Georgette Gown~
Nothing wrong with this gown. 
The straps are great to hide my mom's bra straps and its not too low cut or revealing to be sexy sexy.
It would probably be easy to find something similar at a thrift store or online.

~The Lake Dress~
one of my favorites...
The only problem being the back of the dress...
Might be a little bit of a flaming circus hoop to have this work for my mum.
Seeing as she's a big chested lady who needs massive amounts of support in a bra in order to go out in public, much less wear a dress with such thin fabric.

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