Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Herbal Idea

Went with herbal instead of floral. 
Floral isn't my style and visually you never really see flowers in the movies.
I wanted the wedding to be simple, as if Han and Leia rushed off to Endor to have the ceremony.

So no: 
-floral centerpieces.
-over the top floral decor.
-floral bouquets for bridesmaids.
-floral bouquets for bride.
-floral lapel pieces.
-lace and doilies (they would be a luxury and not found on Endor)

What will be present:
-chairs or benches (depending on the shape of the table)
-herbal centerpieces
-herbal bouquet for the bride
-herbal decor (if any are needed)
-lots of twine and twig in the decor
-plain candles

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