Thursday, May 31, 2012

Honeymoon Destination Ideas

We wanted to go to Japan for our honeymoon, but we might have to wait till much later to be able to afford that trip. So, thinking of affordable places to go where we don't need a passport.


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Makeup


Standing Buffet Food Ideas

 mini toast w/choice of fancy butter
& Jams/Fruit Butters (apple butter, blackberry, mango butter, strawberry, grape)

 Chicken Katsu


*Gluten Free Foods*
Korean Lettuce Wraps 
(grab and go)


Gogi (Meat) Jun
on toothpicks 

Shaped Rice Ball


Cheese (Chedder & Colby) on toothpicks


Veggies (celery, tomatoes, pickles, olives, carrots, cucumbers) on toothpicks

Green Salad w/ choice of dressing (blue cheese, ranch, vinaigrette)


Lean Sliced Deli Meat (turkey, ham, chicken, beef) on toothpicks

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Special Dances

Couple's First Dance
"Keepaway" - By Self

Mother-Son Dance
"Baby Mine" - From Disney's "Dumbo"

Father-Daughter Dance
"Square Biz" - By Teena Marie

Mother-Daughter Dance
"Raspberry Beret" - By Prince

Brother-Sister Dance
"2 Legit 2 Quit" - By MC Hammer

Wedding Chuppah/Arch Ideas

 But with herbal garnishings...

Table Decor Ideas

~The Endor Effect~

I love the twig-candle & the twig-vase idea...minus the felt ewok.
AT-AT Planter
One on every table?


Wedding Decor Ideas

~Jabba The Hutt~


~Jabba the card box~
Paper mache Jabba the hutt card box.
Mouth slit, to put envelopes in.
on bottom, have a trap door to empty it.

~Death Star Card Box~
paper mache death star card box,
top would have a slit.
and the top would be able to come off to empty the cards out.

Reception Treat Ideas

~Naturally Flavored Drinking Water~
Love this idea, cuz then we can make as many different flavors to choose from, and it would be cheaper than buying a shit ton of juice and bottled water.
Water is free!
All we'd need is the fruit, which we can buy in costco, and a few bags of ice. done.

I'd probably go with:
Orange & Lemon
Lime & Spearmint

~Flavored Butter~
 Might do a mass flavored butter making party with the wedding party.


~Guacamole Deviled Eggs~ 
For my paleo dieting friends

~Finger Food Bar~
-sausage rolls
-dinner rolls w/choice of fancy butter
-cheese and cracker platter
-cheese and fruit on toothpics
-cold cuts, cheese & cracker bar

-mini sugar toast smeared with fancy butter and topped with blackberries or sliced banana

veggies and tzatziki dip

Wedding Favor Ideas

~Etched Shot Glasses~
Which can double for toothpic holders, votive candle holders...etc.


 ~Star Wars Photobooth~
The booth will be set to take four pictures and print them out on one sheet.
We'll probably have a star wars scene backdrop for guests to stand in front of.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Reception Rentals

After we get the final guest roster and head count in, we'll be able to rent the table and chairs.
But, We're going with Barbur Rentals unless we can find somewhere cheaper and closer.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Megan B's Bridesmaid Costume

Megan B already has a good idea what to do for the gown. 
Megan as found a wig. She's gonna get an elbow length glove for one of her arms (since Tenel's was severed.) 

As for props:
Rancor Tooth Lightsaber Hilt!

Mogs' Bridesmaid Costume


Since Oola is never seen wearing anything other than her slave dancer costume in the movies, 
it's safe to say that it's anything goes where wedding attire is concerned. 
So, since I didn't want my bridesmaid, Megan, prancing around the wedding dressed in practically nothing, 
I searched for dresses that Oola might wear.  
Black, mesh, twi'lek friendly (meaning sexy, and showing a lot of skin) 
These are what I've found so far. I will be continually adding to the list.


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