Wedding Party

*Robert "Rob" DuBoff*
Portraying: Han Solo

*Sabrina "Bri" Hunter*

Best Men
*Andrew Aasen*
Portraying: Lando Calrissian

*Harold Joseph Hunter III*
Portraying: Luke Skywalker

Matron of Honor
*Karen Lynn Mosqueda*   
(Mother of the bride)

*Carmine Mangione*
Portraying: Dash Rendar

*Carl "Bucky" Murdock*
 Portraying: TBD

*Dan Stamper*
 Portraying: Jan Dodonna

*Ryan Moch*
Portraying: TBD


*Grant Bilby* 
Portraying: TBD

 *Lea DeMent*  
(Cousin of the Bride)
 Portraying: Satele Shan
*Breanna Hunter*  
(Sister-in-law of the Bride)
Portraying: Mara Jade Skywalker

*Jesa Alsteen*
Portraying: Juno Eclipse

*Megan Mangione*
Portraying: Oola

*Megan Bilby*
Portraying: Tenel Ka Djo

*Valery Murdock*
Portraying: C-3PO

Ceremony Officiant 
*Jeremy Kraemer*
Portraying: Emperor Palpatine 

Father of the Bride
*Harold Joseph Hunter Jr.*
Portraying: Darth Vader

Official Wedding Photographers 
Dawn Walkowski

Cheryl Moch

Music Coordinator
Justin Grote

Ladies Costume Assistant
Wing Ng

Ushers/Security/Mens Costume Assistant/Misc. Assistance
Andrew Chaney

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