Monday, May 14, 2012

Asking My Bridesmaids & Man

I made every one of my bridesmaid/man either a box or a tin. 
Those who got a box were the ones I saw on a weekly basis, so I was able to hand it to them without it getting damaged in transit. Those who got a tin, I either had to ship it to them or have someone else hand it to them. 

Boxes Contained:
-a star lolly
- a hand-sewn felt travel tea/cider/cocoa sachel
-a crocheted bracelet w/button adornment
- a necklace with charms
-and a hand made "will you be my bridesmaid/man?" card with a poem specially written for the occasion, by me.
 The Poem:
"I said “I love you.” 
He said “I know.” 
So in to the fray, 
And down the aisle we will go. 
But I can’t stand there alone. 
I need assistance to cope. 
Please help me, (name of bridesmaid). 
You’re my only hope."

-Original poem by Bri Hunter

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