Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Final Bridal Costume


 This bun/braid combo hair piece pins to the back of your head. I purchased it in dark brown. Hopefully it matches my hair color, otherwise i'll have to dye my hair to match it. Ebay, $9.99 free shipping.

This is a braided (plaited) fake hair headband that i'll be wearing with the bun piece, to recreate this look...

Went with the costume they sell everywhere online.ebay, $39.55 with free shipping. It came with the dress, belt and wig. Wig was terrible and belt was no where near what the picture looked like. 

So I found this cincher (underbust corset) in white, on ebay, for $3.98 with free shipping.
If it looks decent with the dress, I'll hot glue some metallic thingies on it to make it more leia-esque..like this...
'Cept it will be on a corset.

Since I need to wear something underneath my dress in order to not show my goodies off to the entire planet...
I'll be wearing this,
Its the "Suddenly Skinny! With Self Expressions Cupped Slip" and it was one of the only slips TARGET had out on the floor the day I went in to buy a slip. So I ended up with this one. I payed about $15. I think there was a sale. Otherwise its in the upper 20s. 

I will also be HOPEFULLY wearing these blue pantyhose underneath. 
(They'll be my something blue, btw) I purchased them on ebay for $2.49 with free shipping. 
Originally for my Andorian cosplay, but I think they're toooooo dark blue for that.

As for shoes, my old black wrestling boots (they'll be my something old) will have to do. At this point, I no longer care if the boots aren't perfect. I will not pay an arm and a leg to own a pair of white boots, I'm sorry.

I will probably have to apply my own make up, because I'm no longer going to have a hair & makeup artist for the wedding. Everyone, including me, will have to either do their hair and makeup themselves...or have one of the other bridesmaids (who aren't busy getting ready) help them with it. I originally had the intention of just going basic and natural. Like Leia. But I would like to add a little more flair to my face on my special day.

 I chose celebs of mixed race (like me), searched their makeup techniques and palettes, and narrowed it down to
Alicia Keys, Zoe Kravitz and Paula Patton's makeup styles in these pics. I'll go with the red tint on my lips (like Zoe & Alicia), clear gel mascara to bring out my already long and thick eyelashes (this will also prevent mascara streaks and coon eyes if i end up crying or accidentally rubbing my eyes), the earthy natural tones for eyeshadow, and a heck of a lot of primer and foundation for my skin. 

I am currently using these products in order to get my skin into better shape:

TONY MOLY Egg Pore Tightening Pack. Ebay, $8.09 with free shipping.

 I've seen it used all the time on my korean dramas that I watch. It works very well and my pores are being minimized. They were as big as swimming pools. Ew.





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