Thursday, January 31, 2013

Essential Wedding Photos List


*Bri’s Costume lying over a chair
*Zipping up or buttoning the dress
*Bri looking into a mirror
*Bri posing in costume with blaster
*Bridesmaid’s getting into costume
*Bri and bridesmaids putting on makeup
*Bri hugging parents
*Bri touching up makeup
*Bri and parents leaving for ceremony
*Bri and father entering the ceremony site
*Wedding party running down the aisle
*Close up of Bri, just before she makes her entrance
*Bri and father walking down the aisle
*Bri walking up the aisle
*The back of Bri and father walking down the aisle
*Father of the bride and Bri hugging at the top of the aisle

*Rob’s costume hanging up
*Rob getting into costume
*Groomsmen getting into costumes
*Rob posing in costume with blaster
*Rob hugging parents
*Rob bonding with groomsmen
*Rob and parents leaving for ceremony
*Rob waiting for Bri
*Rob seeing Bri for the first time

~Wedding Ceremony~
*Parents arriving at ceremony site
*Guests walking into ceremony site
*Rob’s Parents being seated (Leonard & Mary Ann)
Both sets of Grandparents being seated
*Officiate (Jeremy Kraemer)
*Shot of audience from the bride and grooms point of view
*The unity ceremony
*Close up of Bri and Rob saying the vows
*Wide shot of the bride and groom saying the vows
*Exchanging the rings
*The kiss
*Bri and Rob walking up the aisle underneath the canopy of lightsabers, held by wedding party
*Bride and groom hugging guests, laughing and getting congratulated

~Posed photography before/after the reception~
(these can be taken before the ceremony if there is enough time)

*Bride alone (full length)
*Groom alone (full length)

*Bride with Matron of honor (Karen Mosqueda)
-smiling faces
-silly face
-side pose

*Groom with best man (Harold Hunter 3rd)
-smiling faces
-silly face
-side pose
-gangster pose

*Bride with bridesmaids
-smiling faces
-Silly faces
-Battle posing with lightsabers and blasters
-gangster pose
-backs to camera
-side pose
-high fiving
-bridesmaids hugging bride
-sexy pose

*Groom with bridesmaids
-smiling faces
-silly faces
-capturing the groom pose
-bridesmaids hugging groom

*Groom with groomsmen
-Smiling faces
-Silly faces
-Battle posing with lightsabers and blasters
-gangster pose
-backs to camera
-side pose
-groomsmen hugging groom
-high fiving
-gq pose

*Bride with groomsmen
-smiling faces
-silly faces
-capturing the bride pose
-groomsmen hugging bride

Bride with parents
-Harold Jr. and Stacy (Step mom)
-Karen and Hector (Step dad)

*Groom with parents
- Leonard and Mary Ann
- Dave and Jeannie (2nd parents)

*Bride and groom together

*Bride and groom with bride's parents
(Karen Mosqueda and Harold Hunter Jr.)
*Bride and groom with groom's parents
(Leonard & Mary Ann)
*Bride and groom with bride's immediate family
 (Karen Mosqueda, Harold Hunter Jr., Harold Hunter 3rd)

*Bride and groom with groom's immediate family
(Leonard & Mary Ann DuBoff, Sabrina French & Colleen DuBoff-Lopez)

*Bride with siblings
 (Harold Hunter 3rd, Samantha, Joshua, Rochelle)

*Groom with siblings
(Sabrina & Colleen)

*Bride and groom with bride's siblings
 (Harold, Samantha, Joshua & Rochelle)

*Bride and groom with groom's siblings
(Sabrina & Colleen)

*Bride and Groom with their extended family
(Wilberta & Lee Dement)
(Pat, Joyce, Troy & Lea Dement)
(Adam & Jill Lerman)
(Michael & Robert DuBoff)

*Bride and groom with wedding party
*Wedding party and their significant others
*Wedding party and their children

~Wedding pictures during the reception~
*Bride and groom arriving
*Bride and groom greeting guests
Guest book
Wedding cake
Gift table
A shot of bride and groom with guests
Bride with friends
Groom with friends
The buffet
Bride and grooms first dance
Bride and father dancing
Groom and mother dancing
Bride and brother dancing
Bride and mother dancing
Guests dancing
Bride and groom cutting the cake
Bride and groom feeding each other cake
Bride and groom drinking champagne
Signing the marriage license
The getaway car
Bride and groom leaving party
Bride and groom driving away
Wedding party play fighting with lightsabers
Wedding party posing with lightsabers and blasters

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